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The pet-friendly inn features a spa with organic oils and salts and a private staircase to reach a quiet stretch of beach and bay below. This toy store, tucked away in the historic downtown Elk Grove, has been closing its doors for the past few months. After eight years of extensive renovation, the historic El Dorado Hotel and Spa, which houses the famous El Domingo Beach Club, is reopening.

This private cove is one of the most popular spots in Elk Grove and a wonderful place to dip your toes in the ocean or take a walk. This is the only private beach on the Pacific Ocean - right on El Domingo Beach, so it is perfect for picnics, diving, swimming or just a fun day.

This is a place to get cozy in an incredible hotel room and enjoy a delicious meal, especially when staying at the Harbor House Inn. A Michelin star for your seafood menu - a place where you can experience this with thoughtful food. The chef has put moose, which is made exclusively from ingredients within a 50-kilometer radius, on the menu. There is nothing better than to enjoy the food of chef Matthew Kammerer, and this place is secluded from nature, so you can experience the destination from the comfort of your own home or even from your hotel bed.

The Elk Vista is located on the banks of the Navarro River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean and consists of a river that flows into the Pacific. The iconic cliff edge location gives you access to a secluded cove dotted with boulders. For travelers who want to explore this stretch of Northern California coastline, the business along the Mendocino coast has been spared the fire. Air quality is clear and air quality has been clear for a number of days, even after the recent forest fires in the region.

In fact, one of the best ways to help the local economy is to give a boost to the tourism industry and visit it now. One of my friends called Elk "the little town that can do this" because it's a community that steps in when need arises. Retired Mendocino County Sheriff Allman joked that if he had to do something, he would ask someone from Elk. There are many innovative ways in which the Community supports businesses, such as helping people suffering from food insecurity in Elk, and local food stocks.

The man who helped me was very professional, knowledgeable and personable, and I spent some time trying to figure out what my needs were to get a good night's sleep. I came to the store to test some new options and showed them that they are appreciated and that the value is built into the product.

The seller I had did a great job, the product was great, and I even cheered the old mattress and gave it a 1 / 5 rating, which makes for good sales. The salesman at the Pleasant Hill store was also very helpful, knowing that I had not purchased a bed before I moved, but the salesmen in Elk Grove, CA were also helpful to make sure I still wanted to pick a product, set up the delivery and track me to make sure I was happy. They had the bed delivered within 24 hours, which was very cool because Covid influences things so much.

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The Artist Collective at Elk features the works of artists from around the country, as well as local artisans and local artists in Elk.

The salon has been redesigned and we were delighted to see what Mike and his crew have done to reinvent and renovate the Matsonmercantile. In the old Elk Garage office building on the corner of Elk and Greenwood Wharf there is a mural depicting Elk's 19th century Greenwood Quay. It is owned by a family that has been committed to the Elk community for well over 100 years and has helped to create a welcoming atmosphere. Although it was the oldest garage office in Elk, we are very excited to see what they have done with the redesign and renovation of the MatsonMercants.

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More About Elk Grove